5 garden repairs you should do before the summer season starts

Get ready to enjoy the summer in your garden!


Barbecue protection

When summer arrives, it brings good weather, holidays and the desire to enjoy the garden more often. And if you have a garden, you will want to spend time with family and friends having a barbecue or you may just want to take a nap on the grass on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. But before the summer season arrives, make sure to go through this checklist to avoid having to repair something when it’s time to relax and have fun!

During the cold season you kept your barbecue grill in the basement or in the garage, but now it’s time to take it out and get it ready for when summer’s really here. But since there might still be some chilly nights or crazy summer thunderstorms, make sure to use a grill protector to help prevent deterioration of your best tool for the summer! If you find out that your barbecue needs to be sealed, learn how you can do it easily!


Avoid wasps and bees

If you have a garden at home, then it is likely that bees and wasps might want to spend their holidays there. And as we know, they aren´t the most welcome insects to have around. To avoid getting stung by these little pests, there’s a very easy solution: Since wasps are very territorial, they are wary of approaching when they see a nest that is not theirs. The simplest way to do this is to make a paper bag in the shape of a nest and hang it from a nearby branch or a parasol.


Build a raised garden bed

You can also take advantage of the weather to make some changes to your garden to improve its appearance. Building a raised garden bed is a good idea and you can decide whether you want to plant flowers or vegetables. It will look professional, don’t worry – it’s a very easy project that you can do on your own or with the help of family and friends, and it will put you in touch with your green side. You’ll feel very proud of yourself, that’s for sure!


Repair wooden garden furniture

With the cold weather and the humidity of the chilly seasons, your wooden furniture is probably not in the best condition. Repair any broken chair or table corner with repair paste and maybe even sand the surfaces, paint them and apply varnish so your furniture will last much longer. You need to have perfect furniture to match your great garden, right?


Repair your outside light

What can you do in the summer evening without an outside light? It’s a must-have and you need to make sure it works properly. If you find that the glass is broken, you just need to buy a similar piece and then glue it to the structure using an all-purpose glue. This way you can enjoy your garden even when the sun goes down.