Sticking elements around the house with no holes is possible!

Give your house a personal touch without making a single hole.


How many times have you thought about giving your house a new personalised touch but you let the opportunity pass by because of the dust, holes, and broken walls involved?  Change that dynamic! If your house needs a personalised feel, why not give it just that with an easy solution? The use of glue will make your life much easier!

Choose your favourite picture and forget the drilling. All you need is a strong all-purpose glue and you’ll be able to easily put your favourite photograph or artist’s masterpiece up on the wall. Just make sure to clean both the frame and the wall before applying the adhesive. Then, stick it to the wall, making sure it is aligned, and hold it for a few seconds. Et voilà! So easy, right?


If you’re feeling the power of the handyman inside you, you can go even further and renew or install for the first time a nice skirting board around your living room or your bedroom. Just buy the type of wood you like and that suits your walls and get to it with no dust or headaches! Just clean everything very well, make sure you have the right amount of skirting board and start installing! You just have to apply construction adhesive for wooden surfaces to the back of the boards and make sure they’re aligned.


Now that you’ve learnt how the use of glue eases your life around the house, don’t forget to stick a clock on your kitchen wall to keep track of time while cooking your favourite meals. Apply adhesive to the back of the clock, stick it to the wall, and press for a few seconds! Enjoy it!