• Make a bird feeder

    Give the birds an excuse to come over to your house!

  • You will need:

    A construction adhesive (e.g. UniBond One For All), a plywood board (10 mm), wood varnish, cotton cord, a pencil, a jigsaw, a drill and a crown (35 mm), metallic ruler, cartridge gun, clamps (if needed), a brush, a cloth and sandpaper.


    Pencil, jigsaw, drill, drill crown (35 mm), metallic ruler, cartridge gun, clamps (if needed), brush, a cloth and sandpaper

  • Step 1:

    With a pencil mark out the following dimensions on the plywood board: 

    Roof ( Piece A – 240x90mm) x 2, Façade (Piece B – 150x90mm) x 2, Sidebar (Piece C - 220x20mm) x 2, Floor (Piece D - 240 x 120 mm) x 1

  • Step 2:

    With the jigsaw, cut the pieces. For the roof, first cut the shapes which you have drawn. On one of the largest sides (240mm), make a cut with an angle of 45º using a jigsaw. For the façade, the side bar and the floor, cut and drill.

  • Step 3: 

    Smoothen the wood with sandpaper and clean the area to be glued with a moistened cloth.

  • Step 4: 

    Glue the side bar and the floor together using a construction adhesive (e.g. UniBond One For All). Either clamp the pieces together before you start gluing the façades or leave to dry for 6 hours. Then, glue the façades to the floor and side bars.

  • Step 5: 

    To build the roof, apply construction adhesive on the faces cut with 45º and glue tem together creating an inverted V shape. Then, glue the roof on the façades.

  • Step 6: 

    Wait 24 hours until the adhesive is fully cured. Then, protect the wood by applying a coat of varnish with the brush.

  • Step 7:

    Pass the cord through the drilled holes on the façades, making a bow with one of the ends of the cord. It is then ready to be hung. 

  • Step 8: 

    Now that you have learnt how to make a bird feeder, place tasty bird food and start watching your new little friends visit!