• Make a decorative key holder

    Make a key holder that will look great at your hallway!


  • You will need:

    You will need a strong all-purpose glue (e.g. UniBond 100% Power Glue), a 8mm fir plywood board, one spike or hook, a pencil, a jigsaw, a drill, sandpaper, a 20mm drill crown, scissors and pieces of fabric with your favourite prints.


    A cloth, pencil, jigsaw, scissors, drill, 20mm drill crown and sandpaper

  • Step 1:

    With a pencil, draw the four walls of your keyholder (B1, B2, C and D), the floor (E) and the ceiling (A1 and A2) on the plywood board.

  • Step 2:

    Cut the pieces using a jigsaw. On the front wall of the house (C), cut a circular hole using a drill equiped with a 20mm crown. 

  • Step 3: 

    Place the blade of the jigsaw at 15º to cut the base of the pieces that you will use as the side walls (B1 and B2). Repeat the step with the blade at 10º for the pieces that you will use as the ceiling (A1 and A2).

  • Step 4: 

    Sand the pieces and remove the sawdust and other dust particles. To achieve better adhesion, prepare the surface by cleaning it with a wet cloth.

  • Step 5: 

    Using the pieces of wood as a guide, use a pencil to draw the different parts of the house on fabric. Once all the pieces have been drawn, cut following the pencil lines with a pair of scissors.

  • Step 6: 

    Apply a strong all-purpose glue (e.g. UniBond 100% Power Glue) in the external side of the wood pieces, and cover with fabric one by one. Then, let it dry.

  • Step 7:

    Apply a bead of strong all-purpose glue to the mitre joint of one of the side walls (B1), and glue it to the base (E). Repeat the process for the other wall (B2).

  • Step 8: 

    To close the wall structure, apply adhesive to the head and mitre joint of pieces D and C, glueing them to the base (E) and the walls (B1 and B2).

  • Step 9:

    Close the house structure by appling a cord of adhesive to the ceiling pieces (A1 and A2) both in the mitre joints and the head of the side walls (B1, B2, C and D).

  • Step 10: 

    In the center of the façade (C) add a drop of adhesive to install the hook where your keys will sit once your key holder is finished.

  • Step 11: 

    Let it dry for 24h before you use it. Now that you are in the mood after making a DIY key holder, why not make a nice button wall picture?