Create a hanging tool rack for your garage

An organised garage with tools in the right place

Fed up of having your tools all over the garage? It's time to learn how to build a tool rack to keep your tools tidy and save space in your garage. Your DIY projects will be easier to do now that you can find your tools in the blink of an eye.



- A construction adhesive (e.g UniBond One For All)
- 1 plywood board (15 mm thick)
- 2 wooden squares
- Varnish


Jigsaw, Drill, 30 mm crown, Safety gloves, Cartridge gun, Paint tray, Brush, Level, Metal ruler, Sandpaper, Pencil, Cloth


Get the materials

You will need a construction adhesive (e.g UniBond One For All), 1 plywood board (15 mm thick), 2 wooden squares, varnish, a jigsaw, a drill, a 30 mm crown, safety gloves, a cartridge gun, a paint tray, a brush, a level, a metal ruler, sandpaper, a pencil and a cloth.



Mark the pieces

Many times it's a "one size fits all" case, but not here. Depending on the size of your garage and the number of tools you have, the size of your hanging tool rack will have to be right for everything you need - you don't want to have an empty rack or a crowded one! So, using the pencil and ruler, mark on the plywood board the size of the rack that would be most suitable for your garage. The minimum length for the upper piece should be 650 mm and 150 mm wide at least. This way, you should be able to hang at least 3 tools on it. Then, mark the dimensions of the support board that will go between the squares: 150 x 450 mm.



Cut the pieces

Wearing the safety gloves, cut the piece you’ve marked with the jigsaw. Do it carefully and take your time! Safety is a priority and you want your cuts to be as straight as possible.



Mark the holes

Using the pencil and ruler, mark the position of the holes in the rack where you're going to put your favourite tools. Think about the tools you're going to hang in order to define the distance and length. A good idea would be to put them on the rack to see what distance to leave between the holes so that they'll fit when they're hanging. You want it to look perfect, right?



Make the holes

With the drill and the crown, make the holes where the tools will hang from, not forgetting to put on your safety gloves. Make the holes you've marked on the front line of the shelf - this way, when you cut the rack, the holes will be open and you will be able to hang the tools from the front. So useful!



Step 5

Cut the rack

With your safety gloves on, use the jigsaw to cut the rack along the marks you made in the first step. We're sure you want to finish as soon as possible to see your work on the wall, but do it carefully and be patient so that it will look great!


Step 6

Sand and clean the pieces

To remove the dirt and dust from cutting and making holes, in order to ensure good adhesion of the glue, sand all the sides with sandpaper and then wipe them with a cloth.


Step 7

Mark the wooden squares

Mark the position of the squares on the rack by drawing lines with the pencil and the ruler so that they are perfectly straight.


Step 8

Glue the first wooden square

Apply a row of construction adhesive (e.g. UniBond One for All) to one square and stick it to the rack, pressing for 10 seconds.


Step 9

Glue the support board

Next, apply construction adhesive (e.g. UniBond One for All) to the support board and glue it to the rack and to the wooden square you already have glued on the rack.


Step 10

Glue the second wooden square

Finally, apply construction adhesive (e.g. UniBond One for All) to the other wooden square and stick it to the rack and the support board. Allow the structure to dry for 24 hours and start gathering your tools!


Step 11

Varnish or paint the rack

Now that you've built your rack and it looks so great, it deserves a little bit more attention before you hang it on the wall. Varnish it or paint it - it's up to you! You may want to paint it a bright colour to stand out in your garage or to varnish it and give it a more vintage look. Your rack, your decision; we're sure it will look amazing. Whatever you decide, make sure not to paint the side that will face the wall.


Step 12

Mark the position on the wall

Using the level, mark with a pencil the position of the rack on the wall. Make sure to leave enough distance from the floor (and from the ceiling) so that when the tools are hanging they don't touch the floor or the ceiling!


Step 13

Put up the rack

Apply rows of construction adhesive in vertical lines (e.g. UniBond One for All) to the back of each square and the support board. Stick the structure by pressing it for 10 seconds against the wall. Even though it's hard to hold the excitement, let it dry for 24 hours.


Step 14

Hang up your tools

Now that you know how to build a tool rack, fill it with the tools you use most often so you always have them on hand. Now's time to start DIYing!! Why don't you start with a nice pegboard display?