how- to-hide-tv-wires

Install a plastic cable channel

Hide the TV wires and forget they ever existed

You have a nice TV hanging on the wall, but the wires bother you? We'll teach you how to hide TV wires and forget they ever existed.  In a couple of minutes, those annoying cables will disappear, and watching TV will be more relaxing than ever!



- Construction adhesive (e.g. UniBond One For All)


- Cutter
- Piece of wood
- Cartridge gun
- Waste box
- Paper roll
- Cloth

how- to-hide-tv-wires-Materials

Get the materials

You will need a construction adhesive (e.g.UniBond One For All), a cutter, a cutting board, a cartridge gun, a waste box, a paper roll and a cloth.

how- to-hide-tv-wires-Step-1


Clean the surfaces

You may want to hide those TV wires right away, but first you need to clean the surfaces. With a cloth, clean the wall and the back of your plastic channel to assure they are free from dirt and dust. Having clean surfaces guarantees a better adhesion of the product - and we're sure you don't want to see those cables again (only if you really need to)!

how- to-hide-tv-wires-Step-2


Prepare the cartridge gun

Using a cartridge gun is useful, but you need to prepare the cartridge as well. Put the cartridge tip on top of the piece of wood to stabilize it and cut it with the cutter.

how- to-hide-tv-wires-Step-3


Extrude some product

To make sure you only use the product in its best conditions, extrude 5 cm of adhesive into the waste box to avoid possible damaged product that could lose the adhesion properties. The remaining product will work perfectly for all your DIY projects.

how- to-hide-tv-wires-Step-4


Prepare the cartridge nozzle

The preparations are almost over! Screw the nozzle onto the cartridge and use the piece of wood to cut it. You should try to cut where you can have a hole of around 6mm, which is the recommendable diameter for the product application.

how- to-hide-tv-wires-Step-5

Step 5

Apply the product

Ready for the fun part? Put the cartridge into the cartridge gun and go! Apply construction adhesive (e.g. UniBond One For All) to the back of the plastic channel that you'll glue to the wall. Lay continuous beads of adhesive making a vertical line and don't flat it by pressing too hard. Always try to apply the same amount of adhesive along the bead.

how- to-hide-tv-wires-Step-6

Step 6

Hang it on the wall

The moment of glory is around the corner! Stick the plastic channel on the wall, vertically to the TV, and press gently. Check the final position to make sure the cables can fit inside and be totally hidden.

how- to-hide-tv-wires-Final

Step 7

It's done!

Let it dry for 24 hours and voilĂ ! Now that you've learned how to hide TV wire and that your cables are gone, sit comfortably on your couch and watch your favourite TV show, maybe with your feet on top of your new coffee table.