Install a toilet

Time to renovate your bathroom

Do you want to renovate your bathroom but you don't know how to install a toilet? Don' worry, it's not as hard as it seems! We'll guide you through some simple steps so you can do it yourself easily, with a perfect result guaranteed.



- Sealant (e.g. UniBond Triple Protect Anti-Mould Sealant)
- New toilet
- Plastic toilet shims
- Wax gasket


Flat screwdriver, Monkey wrench, Cutter, Cartridge gun, Sponge, Rubber gloves, Masking tape, Level, Cloth



Get the materials

You will need a sealant (e.g. UniBond Triple Protect Anti-Mould Sealant), plastic toilet shims, a wax gasket, a flat screwdriver, a monkey wrench, a cutter, a cartridge gun, a sponge, rubber gloves, masking tape, a cloth and, of course, a new toilet!



Prepare the scenario

First things first, close the stopcock supplying water to the toilet and then flush the toilet to empty the tank. Remove any water left in your tank and the bowl with a sponge and some paper. You want to be protected against bacteria, so make sure to use some rubber gloves. Finally, prepare old towels to set the toilet on them after you remove it in order to protect the floor.



Remove the tank

Let's get to work! Remove the tank bolts and disconnect the water supply line. Then, lift the tank above the bowl. The tank can be pretty heavy so lift it with your legs to avoid back pain.



Remove the bowl

With the tank removed, it's time to work on the bowl. Using the flat screwdriver, remove the caps that cover the screws anchoring the toilet to the floor.  With the monkey wrench, unscrew all the nuts until the toilet is completely free from the floor.



Get rid of the old silicone cord

With the screws gone, you now have to get rid of the silicone. Using the cutter, remove all the silicone cord sealing the toilet to the floor. Cut gently so you don't damage the floor.


Step 5

Remove the toilet I

Once the bolts are off, rock the bowl back and forward to unglue the wax gasket and lift the bowl out of the floor - once again, use your legs to lift it!


Step 6

Remove the toilet II

Clean the contact area with a damp cloth. If there are still some bits of silicone and other dirt remaining, use the cutter to get rid of them. Make sure to put an old rag in the dragpipe so you don't have gases coming into your home.


Step 7

Position the new toilet

Insert the new wax gasket on the outlet of the new bowl. Before placing the new bowl, make sure to remove the rag from the drainpipe. Then, put the new toilet in the same place as the previous one, positioning it properly and ensuring that all the fixing holes line up and that the wastepipe is in the right spot. It's like doing a puzzle! Once the bowl is in the right position, rock it back and forward to sit the wax gasket.


Step 8

Screw down the new toilet

Using the monkey wrench, tighten the nuts of the screws, securing them firmly. We don't want the toilet to move, do we? Tighten them gradually, alternating from one bolt to the other and be sure you don't overtight it and crack your new bowl.


Step 9

Place the caps on the bolts

In order to fix it better, use caps that fit perfectly into the new bolts. If they don’t, fill the caps with sealant (e.g. UniBond Triple Protect Anti-Mould Sealant) and press them against the head of the bolts so that they are well fixed in place.


Step 10

Level the toilet

To make sure the toilet is leveled, use plastic toilet shims underneath it until you find the right position. Use the level to guarantee it's perfect!


Step 11

Mask the edge of the joints

To get best sealing results it is recommended to apply masking tape to the edges of the joints before applying the sealant.


Step 12

Seal the new toilet to the floor

Apply a generous amount of sealant (e.g. UniBond Triple Protect Anti-Mould Sealant) around the entire base of the new toilet, making sure that it is centered between the joint created between the base of the toilet and the floor. Right after the application, spray the joint with a mild detergent solution (soapy water) and smooth off with an appropriate tool. Remove any masking tape immediately before surface skin is formed.


Step 13

Set the tank

Insert the tank bolts through the base of the tank. Secure the nuts and washers to attach the bowl to the tank. Make sure the tank is leveled. When the tank is leveled, set the tank lid on top of the tank. Do not seal the joint between the lid and the tank.


Step 14

Connect the toilet

Connect the supply line between the shut-off valve and the fill valve. To finish connecting the toilet to the water supply, tighten the compression nut and then open the shut-off valve.


Step 15

Looks great!

You've done a great job! You can feel proud of yourself because you've learned how to install a toilet like a real pro. And if you want to go a step further, what about installing a shower cubicle?