Create a sliding system for garage storage

Bring a new approach to storage

Make your garage more efficient by learning how to make a sliding storage system. You will be able to tidy up the mess you've been avoiding all this time!



- Construction adhesive (e.g UniBond One For All)
- 3 wooden strips 100 x 10 x 2400 mm
- 2 wooden strips 20 x 20 x 2400 mm
- 4 storage boxes
- Paint


Hand saw, Mitre box, Cartridge gun, Safety gloves, Brush, Paint tray, Ruler, 150-grit sandpaper, Pencil, Cloth


Get the materials

You will need a construction adhesive (e.g UniBond One For All), 3 wooden strips 100 x 10 x 2400 mm, 2 wooden strips 20 x 20 x 2400 mm, 4 storage boxes, paint, a hand saw, a mitre box, a cartridge gun, safety gloves, a brush, a paint tray, ruler, sandpaper, a pencil and a cloth.



Mark the pieces

Before starting to build your storage system, choose the boxes you'll use, and do it carefully because you want all your belongings to fit in there. Consider the size of the boxes and, using the pencil and ruler, mark the desired length on the wooden strips. The length must be 100 mm more than the length of the box.



Cut the pieces

Wearing the safety gloves and using the mitre box to help you, cut the pieces you've marked with the hand saw. Do it carefully and take your time! Safety is a priority and you want the cuts to be as straight as possible.



Sand and clean the pieces

Remove the dirt and dust after cutting in order to ensure good adhesion of the glue, by sanding all the pieces with sandpaper and then wiping them with a cloth.



Build the wooden guides I

Place a 100 mm wooden strip on your work table and mark the centre using the pencil and ruler.


Step 5

Build the wooden guides II

Now take one of the 20 mm strips and apply rows of the construction adhesive (e.g. UniBond One for All) to one of the long sides.


Step 6

Build the wooden guide III

Stick it to the centre of the 100 mm strip, pressing for 10 seconds. You have now formed an inverted T, along which the box will slide when it's hanging. You're almost there now!


Step 7

Complete the profile to make a H shape

Now, apply another row of construction adhesive to the upper side of the wooden strip you have just positioned and place the other 100 mm wooden strip on top of it to create the side that we'll stick to the ceiling.


Step 8

Repeat for the number of guides you want to build

Repeat for the number of guides you want to build. Allow it all to dry for 24 hours while you decide what you're going to put in the boxes! Remember, you can use both sides of a guide to support two boxes at the same time. So, to hang two boxes we'll use three guides.


Step 9

Paint the guides

The guides are now ready but, before putting them up, make sure to paint them. You could use a neutral colour - grey would look good! This would make the storage system more discrete and you'd forget it's even up there. Make sure to leave the side that will glue to the ceiling free of paint. What's better than an almost invisible storage?


Step 10

Mark the position of the guides

Grab a ladder to reach the ceiling and, using a pencil and ruler, mark the position of the guides on the ceiling. Make sure that the lines are parallel to each other and that the distance is correct, to be able to put the box between them.


Step 11

Glue the first guide

Apply rows of construction adhesive (e.g. UniBond One For All) to the upper side of a guide and press it against the ceiling for 10 seconds. Ask a friend to hold the ladder while you position the guide! Make sure that your ceiling  is clear of paint or wallpaper, it should only be pure ceiling material in order to guarantee a good adhesion.


Step 12

Find the position of the second guide

Place the second guide on top of the line drawn on the ceiling for it. Use a wooden strip equal to the width of the box to make sure that it is far enough from the other guide so that the entire length of the box can enter, and close enough so that it can't fall. Mark the correct position if the line wasn't right the first time - it's better to double check before gluing the next guide!


Step 13

Glue the second guide to the ceiling

Apply three rows of construction adhesive to the upper side of the guide and press it against the ceiling for 10 seconds. Let it dry for 24 hours. The first combination is done!


Step 14

Repeat the steps

Repeat the two previous steps for all the guides left to glue. Think about how many guides you will need, depending on how much stuff you have to fill the boxes. Remember, you can always add another one later.


Step 15

Hang the boxes

Fill the boxes with the things you don't use very often and slide them into the guides! Be aware of the weight you put inside the box, it shouldn’t be over 140 kg! The garage sliding storage system works so well it's hard to believe, right? For the things you want to have to hand, you can also build a wooden trunk!